GEO 1532 - Geographic Information Systems 1: Cartography

Undergraduate introductory course on GIS concepts and methods.

GEO 2512 - Geographic Information Systems 2: Spatial Analysis

Undergraduate course on GIS concepts in acquisition, storage, analysis and visualization of spatial data.

GEO 3015 - Geographic Information Systems 3: Projects

Undergraduate course on advanced GIS concepts and methods for solving spatial problems in geography.

GEO 3532 - Modelling

Undergraduate introductory course on spatial modeling and simulation of envirnmental systems.

GEO 6341 - Study of Complex Systems

Graduate seminar on the study of complex systems.

Models developed by students in the courses

final projects - GEO 3532 - winter 2016

final Projects - GEO 3015 - fall 2015

final projects - GEO3532 and geo6341 - fall 2014