Lead Researcher


Dr. Liliana Perez - Assistant Professor  CV

 Postdoctoral Fellow, UVic, (2011-2013)       Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC (2011-2012)
 Ph.D in Geography, SFU, (2011)
 M.Sc in Geography, UPTC, (2003)
 B.Eng in Geodesy and Cadastre, UD, (2000)

Invited Researcher


Roberto Molowny-Horas, Researcher at CREAF - CV

 M.Sc. in GIS and Remote Sensing, IEEC (2003)   Postdoctoral Fellow, OBSPM (1997-1999)
 Postdoctoral Fellow, IAC (1995-1997)
 Ph.D. in Astrophysics, ITA (1994)                           B.Sc. in Physics, ULL (1988)

Graduate Students


Saeed Harati, PhD Candidate - CV

Co-supervisor: Roberto Molowny-Horas

Project: Hybrid agent based approaches to simulate the emergence of environmentally responsible behaviour among users of forest resources


Samuel Seuru, PhD Student - CV

Co-supervisor: Ariane Burke

Project: Simulation of the distribution of large herbivores as a function of paleoclimatic reconstructions during isotopic stage 3 (MIS3) and comparison with distributions of hominin populations


Brince Jones, PhD Student - CV

Co-supervisor: Raja Sengupta

Project: Automated extraction of animal movement rules from Big Data to parametrize and calibrate agent-based models

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Andrea Lousada, PhD. Student - CV

Project: Development of an intelligent decision support system for water resource management


Jennifer Sauri Ramirez,  MSc. Candidate - CV

Co-supervisor: Patrick James

Project: Modeling the effect of climate change on the phenological synchronization between a defoliator and its host: an agent-based approach


Phillipe Gauvin-Bourdon, MSc. Student - CV

Co-Supervisor: James S. King

Project: Modeling dynamics between vegetation and sediment transport in arid and semi-arid lands: an expansion of the Vista model for anthropized environments


Jeffrey Katan, MSc. Student - CV

Project: Development of a dynamic model linking spatial-temporal trends in climate variability to forest fire regimes in order to predict future behavior of Canadian Boreal wildfires in response to climate change: the case of Alberta


Simon Demers, MSc. Student - CV

Co-supervisor: Thora Martina Herrmann

Project: Spatial dynamics and complexities of the Beagle Channel use by cetaceans and nautical vessels

Pierre-Philippe Vézina, Professional MSc. Student - CV

Project: Study of the distribution of school admissions to the college network and spatial factors of success: where are we?

Carmen Florina Mot,  Professional MSc. Student

Project: Applied geomatics to study the spatial distribution of the Emerald Ash Borer in the city of Montreal

Yannick Sotum, Professional MSc. Student

Project: Development and dissemination of a geomarketing GIS tool on the web, to determine the best location for the installation of a company in the Montreal area.


Lorenzo Quesada, PhD. candidate (2018). Project: Analysis and characterization of the illegall landfill's location in Canary Islands - CV

Tracy-Ann Hyman, PhD. candidate (2018). Project: A Spatially Explicit and Dynamic Approach  to Flood Risk Management using Agent Based Models, in South-East Westmoreland Jamaica - CV

Mariana Tiné, MSc. (2018). Project: Using a cellular automata model to study the drivers of open wetlands changes in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, Québec, CanadaCV

Guillaume Arnoux Hébert , MSc. (2016). Project: An Agent-Based Model to Identify Migration Pathways of Refugees: The Case of Syria - CV

Paula Kardozo - D.E.S.S.  Applied Environmental Geography Student (2016). Project: The GIS as a decision-making tool for new immigrants in Montreal - CV

Jonathan Gaudreau, MSc. (2015). Project: Modélisation de répartition d’espèces aviaires et de feux en forêt boréale du Québec dans un contexte de changement climatique  - CV